Why We Exist


Don’t pass us by, ignoring the fact that we exist.
We are kids who bear the image of our creator.
We are gifts, given as blessings from God.

Don’t lift us up on a pedestal.
We are sinners by nature, separated from God.
We need someone to introduce us to Jesus.

Don’t stomp on us, crushing our spirits.
Young and vulnerable, we can’t withstand our oppressors.
We need someone to speak up on our behalf.

Don’t push us from behind, forcing us to grow up too quickly.
We need to experience childhood.
We aren’t ready to fight wars, labor in sweatshops,
serve as child brides, or become heads of households.

Don’t run ahead of us, overlooking our ability to serve.
Once saved, we have the same Holy Spirit as adults.
We can contribute to God’s kingdom right now.

Walk beside us, entering into our world.
Love us and bring us to Jesus.
Encourage and guide us to become all God intended.
Equip us to serve in ways God created especially for us.