Join us in praying for kids around the world. Click on the blue boxes to see photos of children, one for every day of the month. Please pray for them as you are led. Click on "read more" and use the "leave a reply" section to write a prayer, share a prayer request, or record an answer to prayer about that specific subject.

Day 1: Afghan Children

I live in Afghanistan. My family is Muslim. Pray that I will come to know Jesus, the one who can give me peace and hope. read more

Day 2: Indonesian Children

I live on the island of Sumatra in a Muslim family. Pray that, despite persecution, believing families will share Jesus with me. read more

Day 3: Indian Children of Patna

I live in India. My family is Hindu. We ring temple bells to awaken sleeping gods or get their attention. Pray that I will learn about the true God who never sleeps always hears our prayers. read more

Day 4: Nepali Children

I live in Nepal. My Hindu family believes in reincarnation. Pray for me to have hope of eternal life in heaven. read more

Day 5: Caquinte Children

I live in Peru. My family believes that powerful spirits live in rocks, trees, water, and even animals. Pray that I will come to know my creator God and his son, Jesus. read more

Day 6: Yanomamo Children

Like many Yanomamo families in Amazonia, we are animists. Pray that God would remove my fear of evil spirits and replace it with his love and hope. read more