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I attended a training course in 2006, titled “Working with Street Children”. The course was taught by Andy Sexton, who had many years experience in working with street children in Nairobi Kenya.

I just received an email from Andy announcing the launch of an exciting interactive website for anyone working with street children, or anyone who wants to become more educated on issues surrounding street children. The site is created by the 180 Degree Alliance.

Rather than being a one-way source of information, the focus of this website is about connection.

There are three main sections:

LEARN: Access the 180° ‘How To’ - one page documents written by a street children’s experts on issues such as ’Fundraising’ and ’How Not to Become Disheartened’ as well as recommended books and an expansive library of free, online/ downloadable resources.

SHARE: Here you have the opportunity to share and find out news and events, such as upcoming trainings to support you in your work.

DISCUSS: This third section is the most exciting part – here you can actually connect and interact with 180° members all over the world. So, if you’re struggling to know what to do about the kids you work with being addicted to drugs log in and find out what others are saying on the issue, if you know of something that might help, then jump in and suggest it. If you have a new problem not being discussed, start a new discussion and see what others have to say. It’s through ’discuss’ that we can really help each other with the problems you’re facing now.

So please log on and join up so that you can begin to learn, share and discuss with street children’s workers around the world.

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Simulate the Lives of Street Children

Monday July 19, 2010

Each week we receive wonderful feedback from people putting the Red Card Curriculum to use across the country. One Sunday school teacher just taught lesson 4, the one about street kids, and added a few things to enhance the learning of the children – equipping them to make a difference for children at risk throughout the world.

Lauri writes:

“Our lesson started off with the kids walking into our room which looked like a trash dump. Cardboard boxes, plastic bags, and crumpled paper were everywhere! They could barely find a place to sit. We talked about how uncomfortable we felt in this situation, but that this is how street kids live.

“I recommend buying ‘Dynamic Thunderstorm’ by Nature Sounds as background ‘music.’ It was awesome!!! And just 99 cents from iTunes.

“I recommend a spray bottle for water simulating rain.

“When the storm ended, they had to stay there, and we flicked the lights on and asked who would be comfortable sleeping like that all night. How would they feel if there was a storm and they had no home to go to, no family to care about them?

“We asked them, now…what would you want God to do for these street kids? What does God want you to do for these kids?”

Thanks, Lauri, for your feedback and additional tips for making this lesson more interactive.

If you have feedback or additional tips for Red Card lessons, contact us.

Tami Snowden
Advocate for Children at Risk

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