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Sunday November 6, 2011 is National Orphan Sunday. It is one day to come together with one voice, and with one purpose– stand for the orphaned child. Orphaned children are very special to God our Father, and there are over 60 passages that speak of his love for them. We are a people called to defend the fatherless…to care for the child that has no family…to visit orphans in their distress.

Orphan Sunday is your opportunity to rouse church, community, your small group, and friends to God’s call to care for the orphan.

Would you consider hosting an event? There are many simple things you can do. You can get ideas here; however there is something very simple you can do: share a meal eaten by orphans around the world.  Gather at The Orphan’s Table with family, small group or church for the meal, discussion and prayer.

teaching kids about orphanage life!

Your event, does not have to be on November 6th. You can choose anytime that works for you!

I was invited to share The Orphan’s Table at a local Christian School last week. I used the Red Card orphan lesson and taught about orphanage life. We then shared a meal at the Orphan Table. We ended our time in prayer for orphaned children.

It was a very powerful morning. God greatly used this time help children know more of his heart for orphans.

When you request The Orphan’s Table, we will ship you:

  • An easy-to-cook meal package—the same food provided to feed orphans worldwide.  (Prepare by boiling, instructions included.)
  • An Orphan Sunday Prayer and Discussion Guide to help you make the most of this experience.

The cost is simply a donation of any amount.  $5.00 will cover materials shipping for up to four servings. Please indicate the number of servings needed.

We do hope you will consider joining many around the globe participating in Orphan Sunday!



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Missing Out on Precious “Growing Up” Moments!

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As I reflect on the children at risk that I serve, for some, having a mother is only a dream.

Here is a true story I wrote about my little friend Max whom I met while working in the orphanage during my years in Central Asia.

Max is eight years old and has no family. All his life, he has lived in an orphanage in Central Asia. At night, Max has no one to tuck him in, give him a hug and kiss, tell him a bedtime story, or pray with him. When Max falls down, nobody runs to comfort him or make sure he is not hurt.

One summer I stayed with a local Christian family who was hosting Max for a few weeks, providing an enjoyable break from the orphanage. During my visit the family’s little girl lost two front teeth. She ran up to me, eager to show me the gap where they had been. Max gave her a perplexed look. He did not understand what all the excitement was about. When he had lost a tooth, nobody ever showed any interest.

Through this incident, God showed me that, like Max, many orphaned children miss out on the joy of celebrating milestones like taking first steps, speaking first words, or losing teeth. God never intended for children to grow up alone, but with loving parents to care for them, protect them, and participate in precious “growing up” moments.

I worked with many older children from the orphanage and their one prayer was that they would be adopted into a family, and have a mother!

Would you take time this Mother’s Day weekend, and reflect on these questions? Perhaps share them with your children, and have a time of discussion.

  1. Recall a special experience or event that you were able to share with your mother? What would it be like if you had nobody to listen and share that experience with you?

2.  Describe a time when you were hurt and your mother comforted you. Imagine that same experience without a mom to care for you. How would that make you feel?

Would you take some time now, to pray for the many children at risk who don’t have the love, protection, and nurture of a mother? Pray that children would be adopted into a family, or that a missionary or national worker would fill the role of mother at this time! Pray that children would know God in a deep way, and know His great love for them!

Happy Mother’s Day!

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The Cost of Providing for 40 Million Orphans vs. The Cost of Sin

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I read this blog post written by my friend, Keith Moore with World Orphans.  His blog post was well worth me posting on our blog. Please share with us your thoughts!

I will admit it upfront that this might be a stretch comparison, but do you think God might see that it all fits together.

For the sake of a comparison, using $400 a year to care for an orphan works out to be about US $ 160 Billion, for the estimated 40 million double orphans in the world. While that’s a lot of money, in the world view of things it isn’t much.

“Annual Estimate of the Cost of ‘Structures of Sin’
Money Laundering . . . . U.S.$ 1.5 trillion
White Collar Crime. . . .  U.S.$ 1.5 trillion
Financial Fraud . . . . . . . U.S.$930 billion
Gambling . . . . . . . . . . . U.S.$ 815 billion
Organized Crime . . . . . . U.S.$ 750 billion
Tax Cheating . . . . . . . . . U.S.$ 250 billion
Drug Traffic. . . . . . . . . . U.S.$ 200 billion
Shoplifting. . . . . . . . . . .  U.S.$ 100 billion
Computer Crime . . . . . .  U.S.$ 51 billion
Pornography       . . . . . .  U.S.$ 25 billion
Arms Black Market . . . .  U.S.$5.8 billion
Electronic Warfare . . . . .  U.S.$5.8 billion
Credit Card Fraud . . . . . .  U.S.$1 billion”
—Bryant Myers, Exploring World Mission, 2003, pg 47.

By this comparison the annual cost of caring for 40 million orphans falls somewhere between the cost of shoplifting and drug trafficking. It’s no where close to the “white collar crimes” that are in the trillions of dollars each year. Cutting drug trafficking and shop lifting in half, would cover caring for each double orphan.

Do you think that if the church impacts the lives of those involved shoplifting and drug use, they could turn that into a way to care for others?

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Tabi’s Journey

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November is National Adoption Month, and Saturday November 20 is National Adoption Day!

I thought it would be great to share with you a video about the journey of my adoption of Tabi.  I never get tired of telling her story because it is a testimony of God’s incredible love for orphaned children.

Psalm 68:5 says, “A father to the fatherless, a defender of widows is God in his holy dwelling. God sets the lonely in families.”  I love this verse because it describes who God is.  He is Love, He is Holy, and He is a father to the Fatherless.

I give praise to Him for his relentless love of orphaned children and that he will move mountains for the love of one child.

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Huff and Puff before you Stuff

I received an email from my friend Matt this morning. I was so touched by his email that I want to share it in hopes that it might inspire you to plan a small gathering on Thanksgiving morning.  I spoke at his church last week, on National Orphan Sunday, about orphans.
Matt writes,

Courtney and I decided this week to put on an event, Thanksgiving Day, to benefit orphans.  Let me explain.  At our church, Cornerstone Christian Fellowship, we had a speaker who is an orphan advocate (and a friend of our family) give a short presentation on November 7.  November 7 was Orphan Sunday across the world.  Later that evening at our 2nd service, we focused specifically on the plight of orphans around the world.  So, we decided to do something about the “orphan problem” that the church is called to be a big part of.

Here’s the deal….

What?: Run or walk 1 mile with your family and then stick around for some games for the kids.

Where?: South Hills Park in Lebanon.  We are starting near the playground.

When?: 9am on Thursday, November 25th.  We will be done by 10am.

How does this help orphans?:  We are asking each family (that could be a family of 1 or a family of 10) to come with $10 cash or a $10 check made out to “Sweet Sleep.”  Sweet Sleep is an organization that provides adequate beds and bedding for orphans (most of the time their beds are highly inadequate, 1 inch mattresses, etc.) and mosquito netting to prevent malaria bites while sleeping.  Check out their website.

Why? It’s Thanksgiving.  We have a lot to be thankful for.  Plus we are going to gorge ourselves later in the day and then complain about how much we ate.  Let’s get the day started right by answering God’s call to orphans, getting some exercise, and hanging with our family and “extended” family!!!!

Build a Bed provides Beds for Orphans

May this event being planned give you encouragement to plan your own Huff and Puff before you Stuff Event on Thanksgiving Day!  Let us know what you have planned!
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Orphan Sunday – November 7, 2010

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Mark your calendars for Sunday, November 7, 2010 – National Orphan Sunday.

National Orphan Sunday is a time set aside to acknowledge and honor the 145 million orphaned children throughout the world. God is not silent about orphans. His care, compassion, and protection for them is seen throughout Scripture. More than 30 Old Testament passages attest to God as “defender of the fatherless.”

In partnership with Christian Alliance for Orphans, Stand4Kids encourages you to join with individuals and groups across America and beyond, to plan your own local Orphan Sunday activity. This is your opportunity to raise awareness for the needs of the orphan to your church, Bible study, home group, Christian school, and community:

At the Orphan Sunday website you will find everything you need to:

* Encourage your pastor to preach on a biblical theme related to orphans
* Plan a prayer time during your Sunday service
* Teach a Sunday school class on God’s heart for orphans
* Hold a concert or prayer event
* Help your small group study what the Bible says about orphans
* Read a book about orphans with your book club

Let us know if we can help!
Tami Snowden
Advocate for Children at Risk

“We have all been adopted into Christ’s royal family. Just as we cannot imagine the gospel without salvation, we cannot tolerate a Christianity that does not welcome the orphan into the family of Christ. On Orphan Sunday, join us to demonstrate the validity of the gospel through our love for the widow, the poor, and the orphan.” – Keith Swartley, Team Leader, Pioneers.

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