World Malaria Day

Mosquitoes–buzzing around your pillow in the middle of the night, swarming your campsite, leaving you with itchy red welts. What if those annoying insects were carrying malaria? Malaria is a tropical disease caused by a microscopic parasite that enters the bloodstream. Mild cases result in flu-like symptoms and weakness. Left untreated, malaria causes vital organs to shut down. For children with less developed immune systems, malaria is often fatal. In Africa, a child dies every 45 seconds from malaria-related causes. The good news is that malaria is totally preventable. Get your kids and youth involved in addressing this huge problem by observing World Malaria Day on April 25. Here are some materials you can use.


Stand4Kids has an inexpensive, downloadable lesson on malaria called “Mosquito Beware: How Bed Nets Help Prevent Malaria”.  Through hands-on activities, kids will learn what malaria is, how it spreads, it’s effects on children, and what can be done to prevent it. The lesson includes two stories of ways kids have raised money for bed nets.


Through Sweet Sleep’s Nickels for Nets program, children can provide bed nets for orphaned and abandoned children in Haiti and Africa. Download the free Nickels for Nets curriculum to educate children on the importance of using mosquito nets. You can order free Nickels for Nets collection boxes for the students to take home. To participate in this program, please call 615.730.7671 or e-mail


Group Publishing and World Vision have created a way for kids to squash malaria through their KISS malaria goodbye campaign. Order your free kit. It comes with a 7-foot mosquito net, 50 Bugs Prayer-er clips, 50 donation cards, and a promotional DVD and posters. Donated money goes to help prevent malaria in Mali.



Working with junior high or high school kids? Check out Compassion International’s Bite Back Campaign. Order the kit for organizing your own fundraising event. It includes a Bite Back DVD, mosquito net, donation form, bracelets and stickers, a fundraising ideas sheet , a stencil, posters, and brochures. There’s even a template for creating your own, on-line giving campaign.

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Pray for Children at Risk-March 25, 2013

Prayer Concerns for the week of March 25, 2013


  • Give God thanks and praise for the fifteen new Free Burma Rangers (FBR) teams that recently completed relief missions in Burma’s Karen State. Thanks be to God for the work of these teams that are comprised of a number of different ethnic hill tribe groups as they reach out to provide hope, help, and love to internally displaced people (IDPs) inside Burma, regardless of ethnicity or religion.
  • Pray God will continue to bring healing to the over 2,000 patients seen by the FBR teams’ medics. Give God thanks for the medics and their skills in treating so many people in very difficult circumstances and under very poor conditions in IDP hide sites.
  • Pray for the students from approximately 100 schools in this area who were able to participate in Good Life Club programs run by FBR teams. Give thanks to God for the opportunity these children had to play and sing and spend time truly being children.
  • Please pray for the school teachers from this area of Karen State as they face many daily challenges: not having enough food each day; poor health due to malnutrition and malaria; inconsistent attendance by their students because they’re helping their families; not having enough school supplies; and inability to access teaching materials.
  • Pray for the students of these schools who don’t have enough food to eat each day; who have to help their families with farming, taking care of siblings, or gathering food or firewood; who don’t have the energy to study because they are exhausted or overwhelmed by this work; who are often ill due to poor nutrition and lack of shelter—malaria is one of the most serious health issues they face; who don’t have support from their parents and families that see little value in education and need the help of these children with farming, etc.



  • Pray for the children and people of Kenya following their country’s recent presidential election. Give God thanks that the election went relatively smoothly with minimal violence, unlike the disputed 2007 presidential election that left more than 1,200 people dead.
  • Pray for transparency and integrity in Kenya’s government. Pray their new president Uhuru Kenyatta, who has been indicted by the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity, will seek God’s guidance to lead Kenya. Pray the court challenge by his rival, Raila Odinga, will be peaceful and not lead to violence.


Malaysia, United States

  • Please keep 8-year-old Jehu close in prayer during this time he is separated from his parents. Jehu lives with family members in Malaysia until he is allowed to join his parents (who received refugee status before him) in the United States. Pray Jehu’s case will receive favor with the agency processing it and he will be allowed to rejoin his mother and father. Pray for his parents who miss their son very much.


Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey, and Iraq

  • Continue to keep in prayer the more than one million people displaced by Syria’s civil war. Pray for the 1,000,669 refugees who have fled Syria for overcrowded, underfunded camps in Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey, and Iraq. Pray for children in these camps who lack access to secure housing, schools, medical care, and sufficient food.
  • Pray for children and families who have been displaced from their homes and communities in Syria. Pray for those struggling to find safe housing, food, and a means to support their families.
  • Please continue to pray for peace and reconciliation in Syria.


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Pray for Children at Risk-March 18

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Prayer Concerns for the week of March 18, 2013


China, Burma

  • Please keep in prayer China’s ethnic hill tribe people along the Nu River (also known as the Salween River) who face displacement when the construction of four dams begins in the near future. Pray for the 60,000 children, young people, and adults (most of whom belong to the Lisu ethnic minority) who will lose their homes, schools, livelihoods, and communities when the dam construction begins.
  • Pray for Burma’s Kachin ethnic minority who live across the Salween River and will also be impacted by the construction of these dams.
  • Pray for those authorizing and carrying out the dam construction projects … that they will treat the Lisu, the Kachin, and others facing displacement with fairness and be transparent in their dealings. Pray the environmental impact assessment will be completed with integrity and truthfulness. Pray those constructing the dams will comply with the assessment recommendations.


Syria, Turkey, Lebanon

  • Continue to lift in prayer the children of Syria who have been subjected to incredible violence during the past two years of civil war in their country. Pray for those who have been shot at, tortured, and raped during this season of unrest and conflict. Pray for the estimated two million children who face malnutrition, disease, early marriage, and severe trauma because of this brutal civil war.
  • Pray for children who have fled their homes and sought refuge in barns, parks, and caves. Pray for those who have fled to Turkey and Lebanon and struggle to find housing and enough food to eat. Pray for children who have been separated from their families and for those who have experienced the death of a close family member or friend.
  • Please keep in prayer children who are targeted by government forces as well as rebels. Pray for young boys who are used as porters, runners, and human shields. Pray for girls who are married off at a young age to keep them from being raped or to help reduce the number of mouths that need to be fed in their families.
  • Pray for an end to this violence and for peace and reconciliation throughout Syria.
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World Water Day is March 22

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World Water Day is March 22. This year’s theme is water cooperation. Stand4Kids has a downloadable lesson called “Every Last Drop.” It addresses issues that children without access to clean water face. For ages 5-10, it includes demonstrations, photos (Powerpoint format), a Bible passage, prayer time, and optional Week for Water giving project.

I did this lesson with my 1st-6th grade AWANA classes and they learned so much (AWANA has a children at risk initiative that children can donate to, like the Adopt-a-Club program.) The thing the children loved most was the dirty water demonstration. The thought of families drinking water from the same source used for bathing, washing clothes and dishes, and also used by animals grossed them out. For the prayer time, I added props for the children to hold that reminded them of water issues kids face. Here’s what I used:

    • ruler: the long distances children must walk to get water
    • slinky: carrying heavy water compresses and damages neck bones and the spine
    • diploma (rolled piece of paper tied with ribbon): hours spent fetching water prevents kids from going to school
    • medicine bottle: drinking dirty water makes children sick
    • Bible: children not only need access to clean water, but also the hope of Jesus






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Pray for Children at Risk-March 11, 2013

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March 4, 2013 and March 11, 2013


Angola, Lesotho, Malawi, Zimbabwe

  • Please keep the children and people of southern Africa held close in prayer as they face severe food shortages because of repeated cycles of flooding and drought that has destroyed crops, livestock, and safe drinking water supplies.
  • Pray for the estimated six million people in Angola, Lesotho, Malawi, and Zimbabwe who are at risk of hunger because of this chronic crisis. In some areas across this region, child malnutrition rates have increased 50 percent more than last year.
  • Pray for children who have contracted malaria, cholera, or diarrhea because of floodwater-contaminated water sources. Pray God will provide them with the resources and aid they so desperately need now.
  • Please pray for a coordinated effort between humanitarian aid agencies, governments, and businesses to help relieve the suffering of so many children and people in southern Africa.



  • Continue to keep the ethnic hill tribe children and people of Burma held close in prayer as they deal with additional abuses, predominately by the Burma Army. Pray for those in Burma’s Karen state who are being forcibly displaced from their communities by companies, corrupt government officials, or armed groups who desire the villagers’ property for mining, logging, development of hydropower dams, infrastructure development, or commercial agriculture.
  • Pray for the displaced in communities that were given little or no advance notice or compensation for the confiscation of their land. Please pray for those who have had their land taken illegally and are now deprived of their livelihoods. Seventy percent of Burma’s 60 million people are dependent on agriculture to make a living.



  • Please keep in prayer the estimated 100,000 people who have been displaced by inter-tribal fighting in Sudan’s North Darfur area. Pray for children who have been uprooted by the fighting between two Arab tribes over access to a gold mine. Pray for those whose homes, villages, and crops have been burned in this conflict. Pray that humanitarian aid will reach those who lack clean water, sufficient food, medical care, shelter, and sanitary facilities. Pray for an end to this violence.
  • Please also pray for an end to the ongoing conflict between non-Arab insurgents and the Arab-dominated government that began in 2003 and still continues 10 years later. Continue to pray for the estimated 1.5 million people who have been displaced by this violence across Darfur and live in camps where they are dependent on food aid to survive.


United States

  • Pray for children and families who are experiencing homelessness in the U.S. and around the world. Pray for those who live in cars, with friends or other family members, in homeless shelters, and on the streets.
  • Please keep in prayer children who live in crowded shelters that lack the privacy and security of a permanent home. Pray for those who find it difficult to sleep, study, play, or bathe in facilities that are overcrowded and underfunded. Pray every child has the opportunity to live in a permanent, safe home.

·         Give God thanks for those who advocate for and work towards finding affordable housing for the most vulnerable in their communities.

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Pray for Children at Risk-Feb. 25, 2013

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Prayer Concerns for the week of February 25, 2013



  • Pray for the thousands of girl children who are trafficked from India’s rural areas to urban ones and forced to work as domestic servants in the homes of this country’s growing middle class. Pray for girls who are lured into jobs with the promise of good wages, but find themselves working long hours for little or no pay, cut off from family, and often abused or sexually assaulted.
  • Pray for the estimated four million children who are believed to be employed as domestic servants in India.
  • Please pray for the more than 90,000 children who go missing in India each year. Pray for those who are abducted and then sold into forced labor on farms, in factories or in homes. Pray for those who are sold into marriage or prostitution.
  • Please pray for a change of attitude regarding the issue of child labor within India’s law enforcement agencies and the country’s rising middle class. Pray current child labor laws will be taken seriously and enforced. Pray for an end to the destructive practice of exploiting children for labor.
  • Give thanks to God for the work of the child rights group Bachpan Bachao Andolan in raising awareness about child labor and for their efforts in rescuing trafficked and enslaved children.



  • Please keep the children and people of Mali held close in prayer during this season of conflict and violence. Pray for the estimated 376,000 people who have been displaced since France began military action against Islamist rebels in northern Mali last month.
  • Please pray for the 660,000 children who are at risk of acute malnutrition because of this conflict. Pray for those who are at risk of becoming ill because of poor water and sanitation facilities in the displaced persons camps.
  • Pray for children who are trapped in areas of conflict unreachable by emergency aid. Pray God will provide for these vulnerable children and their families during this frightening time.
  • Pray farmers might be able to return to their fields to sow this year’s crop—if the conflict continues, it will interrupt the planting season causing further food shortages.
  • Please pray for an end to the fighting and violence. Pray for peace and reconciliation throughout Mali.


Mauritania, Niger, Burkina Faso

  • Pray for the 147,000 people who have fled the fighting in northern Mali and sought refuge in neighboring countries like Mauritania, Niger, and Burkina Faso. The conditions in refugee camps along the unstable borders with Mali are desperate. Pray God will provide for the children, youth, and adults in these squalid camps.
  • Pray for children in these camps as many of them are malnourished and their host countries struggle to provide them with sufficient food and water.


United States

  • Please keep close in prayer 2-month-old Lacey* who was born prematurely to a mother with severe health and substance abuse issues. Pray for a community of support around this baby girl who hasn’t bonded well with anyone yet. Pray for her mother Gina* who doesn’t seem to be interested or willing to parent her baby. Pray for Lacey’s father who is in prison and unable to provide any support. Keep Lacey’s maternal grandmother Sarah* close in prayer as she tries to care for her daughter and granddaughter as well as grieve the recent death of her own mother.   *Name changed for confidentiality and/or protection.

·         Pray for God’s healing touch to be upon 4-month-old Addison who has been hospitalized with viral pneumonia.

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Pray for Children at Risk-Feb.18, 2013

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Prayer Concerns for the week of February 18, 2013



  • Give thanks to God that 8-month-old Kennet was released from the hospital in Belize and is doing much better. Please pray for his continued healing. Pray for Kennet’s parents and family members as they care for him.
  • Please keep in prayer two siblings, a 9-year-old and a 12-year-old, who have disappeared with their mother Gris. Pray for their safety as their mother seems to be experiencing severe mental health issues. Pray she will return to her family home with the children. Pray for Gris’ family and friends who are very anxious about her and the children.



  • Continue to pray for Burma’s Kachin ethnic hill tribe people who are being attacked by Burma Army troops despite a presidential order for a cease fire. Intense fighting was reported in late January 2013 in Kachin State near Burma’s border with China.
  • Pray for those who have lost loved ones in the missile attacks and aerial bombings. Pray for children, young people, and adults who’ve been wounded in the attacks.  (This Free Burma Rangers report does include some disturbing images.)
  • Pray for the tens of thousands of children and families that have been displaced by almost two years of fighting in this region. Give thanks to God for the work of Free Burma Rangers in helping the injured and displaced.
  • Please pray for an end to the violence in Burma. Pray for peace throughout this country.


Ethiopia, Kenya

  • Please keep in prayer children receiving treatment at the CURE International Hospitals in Ethiopia and in Kenya. Pray God will meet the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of a 15-year-old boy named Abebe in Ethiopia and of two 14-year-old girls, Rebecca and Emelewi in Kenya.



  • Pray for the estimated four million Syrians who are in urgent need of humanitarian assistance. Lift in prayer the one million who are going hungry because aid agencies are unable to enter conflict zones. Pray for children who don’t have enough to eat… for children whose health and growth is compromised because they aren’t getting enough food.
  • Pray for a change of heart within the Syrian government that would allow additional aid agencies into the country to help those in need. The government has only approved a few aid agencies to be in Syria and the resources of these organizations are stretched to the limit.
  • Please pray for an end to this conflict… for a lasting peace agreement, healing, and reconciliation in Syria.


United States

  • Give praise to God for answering prayers about 3-year-old Lily Grace who was able to return home after spending almost a month in a children’s hospital in her home town. Lily recently went through a delicate heart procedure in which a hole was created in her heart to relieve the pressure on it. Thanks be to God for the medical miracle Lily has experienced…after doctors removed her chest tubes, Lily’s lungs started to improve on their own and she was able to get off of oxygen.
  • Pray this little one will become more interested in eating now that she is home… she was only able to eat ice chips during her lengthy hospital stay and received nourishment through a feeding tube. When Lily was released from the hospital, she weighed the same amount she did eight months ago when her adoptive parents brought her to the U.S. from China, except she has grown eight inches in that time.

·         Continue to pray for Lily’s parents and siblings as they help care for her at home. Thanks be to God for their desire to open their hearts and homes to this little one who was abandoned at birth in China and suffers from such a rare heart condition that doctors there considered her case to be terminal.

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Children’s Ministry Day 2013

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The sixth annual Children’s Ministry Day is February 16. Developed by WMU, Children’s Ministry Day gives kids in grades 1-6 the opportunity to participate in  local community ministry. Individual projects are designed by children’s leaders in churches and Christian schools all across North America. This year’s theme is Helping Hands and focuses on helping kids serve the homeless and poor in their local community. The theme verse is “And the King will say, ‘I tell you the truth, when you did it to one of the least of these my brothers and sisters, you were doing it to me!’” (Matthew 25:40)

WMU created a downloadable Children’s Ministry Day booklet with project suggestions, planning tips, a skit, and learning activities to enhance your project as well as colorful posters for promoting your event ($8.99). Other free resources like clip art, flyers, and a Powerpoint presentation overview are also available for download.

Ready to plan a project that kids can carry out in your community? Make sure to invite others to assist you. If you can’t hold your event on February 16, pick a day that works for you. Here are 10 ideas to get those creative juices flowing:

  • prepare hygiene packs at a ministry center
  • serve a meal at a homeless shelter
  • provide snacks for children at a local ministry’s after-school program
  • sort clothes at a clothes closet
  • collect canned goods and donate to a local food pantry
  • collect gently worn toys/children’s books and donate to a homeless shelter that houses families
  • collect baby diapers and donate to a homeless shelter that houses families
  • collect white tube socks and donate to a homeless shelter
  • collect and donate school supplies to an organization that provides these to families who cannot afford them
  • plant a community garden

Invite your church leaders, teachers, and parents to be involved by praying for your kids and the people they will serve. And don’t forget to take lots of pictures!

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Choose Shoes

How many pairs of shoes do you own? Last year, Americans purchased 2 million pairs of new shoes. To make more room in their closets, they discarded more than 300 million pairs of gently-worn shoes, many of which ended up in landfills. Meanwhile … more than 300 million children worldwide do not have one pair to call their own. Going without shoes exposes boys and girls to injury and infection from cuts, burns, punctures, and bites. Imagine scavenging in a garbage dump or walking many miles to fetch water for your family — without shoes to protect your feet. Barefoot children are more susceptible to soil-transmitted parasites like hookworm and roundworm. Lack of shoes, a required part of a school uniform, prevents many children from getting an education.

Engage your kids in learning about this issue and becoming a part of the solution. We presented this topic to the elementary kids at my church last year in connection with a service project. It grew into a 30-minute lesson for ages 5-11 called Choose Shoes. We created a PowerPoint to introduce kids to shoe issues around the world. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words. The lesson also includes a small group activity, Bible time, prayer, and project suggestions.

If you decide to do a suggested project, the lesson also has related books and movie clips to keep the momentum going. Since our project spanned several months, we created a bulletin board graph. Our goal was 400 pairs of shoes. I cut the shoes off four bulletin board children and gave them construction paper bare feet. Every time we collected 50 pairs of shoes, the bulletin board children received one of their shoes back.

These projects are fun because they are so hands-on, but don’t forget the spiritual aspect. During your project wrap-up, have a shoe dedication ceremony. Let your kids hold a pair of shoes they donated. Lead your children in praying for those who will receive the shoes. Pray that they will have the opportunity to learn about Jesus and follow him for a lifetime.

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Our Mission Posters

Just ran across a set of 4 mission posters from Oriental Trading that would be great for anyone who is teaching the Biblical basis of missions to kids and youth. Posters measure 22 x 17 inches. They have color photos of international children and a left border of international flags. Each poster has one of these mission-related Bible verses:

-Matthew 28:19-20

-Mark 16:15

-Luke 14:23

-Acts 1:8

The set costs $7.25 US. You can order the posters online or call 1.800.875.8480.

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Eric Liddell: Olympics Model for Kids

The Olympics begin Friday. What a great opportunity to introduce your kids to Eric Liddell, nicknamed the Flying Scotsman. He is a wonderful example of perseverance, being who God has created one to be, and standing strong for one’s faith in the face of opposition. Here are some helpful resources.

“Eric Liddell Story” animated movie, 30 min. DVD includes an “Eric Liddell: Champion of Conviction, ” 60-minute documentary. Vision Video, 2007. Click on the Downloads tab for a free Teacher’s Guide with four lesson plans as well as 16 pages of student handouts (comprehension and discussion questions, puzzles, activities, coloring, and more). For ages 8-12.


  • Ten Boys Who Changed the World by Irene Howat. Short stories of ten boys, including Eric Liddell,  who were used by Christ to change the world in their times. Paperback, 160 pp. Christian Focus Publications, 2003. For ages 9-12.
  • Eric Liddell: Greater than Gold by Christian History Institute. Free article for upper elementary/middle school.

Make an Olympic torch and use it in a relay race.


  • “I believe God made me for a purpose, but he also made me fast! And when I run I feel his pleasure.”
  • “In the dust of defeat as well as the laurels of victory there is a glory to be found if one has done his best.”
  • “We are all missionaries. Wherever we go we either bring people nearer to Christ or we repel them from Christ.”


  • Acts 20:23-25
  • 1 Corinthians 9:24-25
  • 2 Timothy 4:7
  • Hebrews 12:1-3
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Ramadan-Praying for Muslim Children

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This year, Ramadan is July 20-August 18. Join millions of Christians worldwide in praying for the Muslim world during this period. The 30-Days Prayer Network produces a printed “Just for Kids” booklet for children and families on Muslim people groups in many countries with information, activities, and prayer points. It’s also available as a download. To teach your children more about this important Muslim observance and what the Bible says about the purpose of fasting, download the free Ramadan Basics. Also, check out Meet Noor, a 30-minute lesson for ages 5-7.  Looking for a more in-depth study? Seven of the Kids Around the World CD/DVD sets feature Muslim groups with little opportunity to hear about God’s love and Jesus’ redeeming work. Each set includes a video, song, Bible lesson, prayer activity, and opportunities for children to experience the culture through language, food, crafts, and games. For ages 5-11.

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Bible Water Slide Chart

How can the Bible be one book and 66 books? Is Psalms before or after Joshua? Did Abraham and Moses know each other? Children sometimes have difficulty understanding how the books of the Bible fit together in time and space and how the same God is at work through the ages. DiscipleLand created a Bible Water Slide Chart to help elementary-age kids navigate the Bible and learn how the pieces together. The sturdy, full-color sleeve is 5×9 inches. One side features Old Testament books. Turn it over for New Testament books. To use, insert the white information card into the top slit. Slide the yellow arrow down to the desired Bible book and the following information will appear in four cutout windows: the author, the theme of the book, the dates/context when the book was written, and the key event. A 10-pack costs $19.95. You can download a list of suggested ways to use the Bible slider chart with your children.


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World Refugee Day

World Refugee Day is June 20.World Refugee Day is June 20. Last year, persecution, conflict, and natural disaster forced 43.7 million people to leave behind relatives, friends, homes, livelihoods, and all things familiar. More than half of all refugees are children. Here are resources to help you introduce children to the topic of refugees.



  • Christian Aid in the UK created Far From Home, lessons to use in a school assembly context to help students empathize with the situation of people who have to leave their homes. Case studies from Angola, Bangladesh, and Burma explore some of the reasons that force people to become refugees. Includes Powerpoint of photos. You can download free lessons for ages 7-11 and 11-14


BOOKS (available from

  • Brothers of Hope: The Story of the Lost Boys of Sudan by Mary Williams. Driven from his village home by the soldiers, Garang treks with other boys nearly 1,000 miles across the Sudan border—first to Ethiopia, and later to Kenya. He finds shelter in refugee camps and meets an American aid worker. Can Tom help? 40 pp., ages 9-12.


  • Dia’s Story Cloth by Dia Cha. Based on the author’s life, this book chronicles the experiences of a Hmong family who fled their native Laos, lived in a refugee camp in Thailand, and eventually emigrated to the United States. Illustrations are based on a traditional Hmong story cloth. 24 pp., ages 7-10.


  • Four Feet Two Sandals by Karen Lynn Williams. When relief workers bring clothing to a refugee camp in Pakistan, Lina is thrilled to find a sandal that fits her foot perfectly – until she spots another girl holding the matching shoe. Describes daily life in a refugee camp – washing clothes in the river, waiting in line for water, and watching for their names to appear on the list to go to America. 32 pp., ages 6-9.


  • Give Me Shelter: Stories About Children Who Seek Asylum by Miriam Halahmy. Short stories from youth around the world — Kosovo, Ethiopia, Vietnam, Eritrea, Zaire, Sudan, Somalia, Iraq, Zimbabwe, and Kurdistan. Spotlights people who have been forced to leave their homes or families to seek help and shelter elsewhere. 127 pp., ages 9-12.


  • The Long Road by Luis Garay. When civil war breaks out in Jose’s Central American country, he and his mother are forced to flee their home. Addresses paperwork and red tape, nights in a refugee hostel, and the family’s struggle to survive from the viewpoint of a child. 32 pp., ages 6-9.

  • Making It Home: Real-Life Stories from Children Forced to Flee by Beverly Naidoo. First-person accounts of children displaced by war describe the horror left behind, the family separation, and the struggle to adjust to a new place, whether as a refugee in a camp or as an asylum seeker in the U.S. 128 pp., ages 9-16.
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New Books and Resources

New resources added to the Red Card Books list:

God’s Heart for Children

Just a Minute: In the Heart of a Child, One Moment … Can Last Forever by Dr. Wess Stafford and Dean Merrill, (Moody Publishers, 2012). Inspiring stories reinforce the value of children in God’s eyes and demonstrate how our interactions with them can change them forever. Hard cover, 224 pp. Adult. Available from


A Hungry World: Understanding the Global Food Crisis, (World Vision, 2005). Booklet provides 8 hours of material for teaching about global food insecurity. Includes background information, case studies, group activities, prayer materials and action ideas. Grades 6-12. Available from

Not Just a One-Night Stand: Ministry with the Homeless by John Flowers and Karen Vannoy, (Discipleship Resources, 2009). Based on the ministry experiences at their own church in Texas, the authors gives creative approaches to ministry among the marginalized. Paperback, 128 pp. Adult. Available from

When Do We Eat? Understanding World Hunger and Doing Something About It, (World Vision, 2010). 1-hour lesson to help children understand the causes of world hunger and learn how they can make a difference. Grades 1-3. Available at


Home Away from Home: How Children Find Hope When they Lose Their Homes (World Vision, 2010). 1–hour lesson explores reasons for homelessness with an emphasis on refugees. Grades 1-3. Available from World Vision at


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It’s A Small World

What do strings of Christmas lights, water buckets, and graham crackers have in common? They’re props used in a lesson that introduces your kids to the state of the world and paves the way for informed prayer. You could use lesson activities in conjunction with two major prayer events coming soon:

-May 27: Global Day of Prayer

-June 2-3: World Weekend of Prayer for Children at Risk

It’s a Small World gives your kids the background they need before they pray. This fun lesson introduces 1st-5th graders to the global village through a demonstration that shrinks the world population to 20 people. Children learn about the major languages spoken in the world and issues that many of their peers face on a daily basis (lack of healthy food, clean air, safe water, and electricity). The lesson also addresses the spiritual condition of the peoples of the world, including those who have never heard of Jesus. It’s a Small World takes 25-30 minutes and is highly interactive. It’s great for mixed-age groups. The lesson comes as a downloadable PDF and costs $5.

After the demonstration, lead a time of prayer using some of these free materials for children:

-Global Day of Prayer’s downloadable, 10-day prayer guide for children.

-Viva International’s downloadable, children’s prayer booklet for the World Weekend of Prayer.


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Global 4/14 Day of Prayer

April 14 is Global 4/14 Day, a time set aside to pray for children between the ages of 4 and 14.  Why is this demographic so strategic in missions?

God’s heart: Including kids in our missions focus reflects God’s heart. In Mark 10:14 Jesus says, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.”

Numbers: Currently, 2.2 billion children live on our planet. In many cultures considered unreached or resistant to the gospel, boys and girls under age 15 make up 40-50% of the population – that’s almost half of God’s harvest field.

Receptivity: Children have open hearts to receive the gospel. Research shows that many believers put their faith in Jesus between the ages of 4 and 14. We shouldn’t neglect the ripest fruit in God’s harvest field.

Bridges: When children become believers in Jesus, they are eager to share their faith with others – relatives, friends, teachers, coaches, and neighbors. Want to reach adults in an unbelieving home or village? Build a bridge by first establishing relationships with their sons and daughters.

Need: 1.2 billion children at risk face dire situations every day – poverty, disease, war, abandonment, and exploitation. These kids need the hope and transformation that only Jesus can provide.

Potential: Boys and girls who trust in Jesus become functioning members of the Church and partners in ministry. They have their whole lives to serve God as participants in the gospel. Think of the impact these young disciples can make on families, communities, and nations.

Join us in observing Global 4/14 Day. Download and use the free Prayer and Fasting Guide. Here are two more ways to pray for children on a continuous basis:

1. Check out the Red Card Prayer Page for weekly updates and requests for children around the world. These focus on areas of the world in the news.

2. The Stand4Kids Prayer Pages provide a way to pray for one child and request every day of the month. These requests represent needs of unreached kids in animistic, Hindu, atheistic, Muslim, and Buddhist cultures as well as needs of children at risk.



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World Water Day Resources

World Water Day is March 22. This year’s theme is Water and Food Security. Did you know that 70% of the water used on earth goes into agriculture and food production? That juicy burger you’re eating took 634 gallons (2400 liters) of water to produce from start to finish. Check out these resources that explain how water use and food sustainability go hand-in-hand. Here are resources on water issues to use with elementary age children.

  • Stand4Kids: Every Last Drop lesson addresses issues that children without access to clean water face. Includes demonstrations, photos, a Bible passage, prayer time, and optional Week for Water giving project. Ages 5-10.


  • LifeWater International: WASH (Water, Sanitation Hygiene) Around the World 5-lesson download includes short stories of real children in five countries with discussion questions. Ages 3-11.


  • WaterAid: Water Around the World Slide Show. Ages 5-8. Pumping It Up lesson with an experiment that demonstrates how a well pump brings up underground water. Ages 8-11.


  • Blood:Water Mission: Lemon:Aid project to raise money for wells, water filters, and rain tanks for communities in Africa.
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Pray for Enslaved Children


Freedom Sunday is this weekend. We have the opportunity to remember children who are enslaved and trafficked and intercede on their behalf. Do not underestimate the power of prayer for these precious boys and girls. God hears their cries, is present with them their situations, and promises to bring justice both for them and their oppressors.  Here are some Bible verses and prayer requests to get you started.


Child Laborers

Psalm 72:12 -“For he will deliver the needy who cry out, the afflicted who have no one to help.”

  • Pray for God to protect child laborers from physical and emotional harm
  • Pray that parents can find work so that their children are able to attend school.
  • Pray for employers who oppress and exploit children to realize their worth and choose to protect and nurture them.
  • Pray for despair to be replaced with hope.


Child Soldiers

Psalm 91:2b, 5 -“‘He is my refuge and my fortress, my God in whom I trust.’ … You will not fear the terror of night, nor the arrow that flies by day.”

  • Pray for child soldiers to be released back to their families.
  • Pray for God to restore children who have experienced the painful trauma of war.
  • Pray for despair to be replaced with hope.
  • Pray that God will give wisdom and compassion to ministry workers who are helping children reintegrate into society.


Sexually Exploited Children

Psalm 10:17-18 – “You, LORD, hear the desire of the afflicted; you encourage them, and you listen to their cry, defending the fatherless and the oppressed, so that mere earthly mortals will never again strike terror.”

  • Pray for safe and secure shelters to provide for needs of children living on the streets so that they are less vulnerable to traffickers.
  • Pray for strong law enforcement efforts and for brothels to be discovered and shut down.
  • Pray for God to convict the hearts of traffickers, pimps and the “customers” and to transform their lives.
  • Pray for despair to be replaced with hope.
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Books and Movies List Update

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New books added to Red Card Kids:

Street Kids

  • Lessons from a Street Kid by Craig Kielburger. Ages 6-9.

Take A Stand

  • Free the Children: A Young Man Fights Against Child Labor and Proves that Children Can Change the World by Craig Kielburger. High school, young adult.
  • It Takes A Child by Craig Kielburger. Ages 6-9.


New movies added to Red Card Kids.

Child Laborers

  • Fields of Mudan, 2007. R. Mudan, a frightened young Asian girl, is forced into sex slavery by a brutal child brothel owner. She and another brothel girl courageously choose to live their lives as innocent, ordinary little girls despite their conditions and the bleak future that awaits them. Run time: 23 minutes. Mature audiences.

Take A Stand

  • It Takes A Child, 1998, PG. True story of how the Free the Children movement began with a young boy who advocates against child labor. 56 min. Grades 5-12.


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Freedom Sunday

February 26 is Freedom Sunday. It’s designed to build awareness about human slavery and trafficking in local churches. Here are some Biblical-based lessons and projects for children on these issues.


  • Loose Change to Loosen Chains is a student-led campaign for elementary to college students to combat modern-day slavery while learning about the reality of injustice today. Order materials from the International Justice Mission. IJM uses money donated through this program to rescue victims of slavery and other forms of oppression.



  • Childhood Lost – Free download lesson on child labor for elementary children from Stand4Kids. Look in the Bible Study section under New Children’s Curriculum.




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Chiildren’s Ministry Day 2012

The fifth annual Children’s Ministry Day is February 18. Developed by WMU, Children’s Ministry Day gives kids in grades 1-6 the opportunity to participate in  local community ministry. Individual projects are designed by children’s leaders in churches and Christian schools all across North America. This year’s theme is Operation Education. The theme verse is “Do your best to please God. Be a worker who doesn’t need to be ashamed. Teach the message of truth correctly.” (2 Timothy 2:15, NIrV)

WMU created a downloadable Children’s Ministry Day Pack ($11.99). It contains a 16-page booklet with project suggestions, planning tips, and learning activities to enhance your project as well as colorful posters for promoting your event.  Other free resources like clip art, flyers, and a Powerpoint presentation overview are also available for download.

Ready to plan an education-related project that kids can carry out in your community? Make sure to invite others to assist you. If you can’t hold your event on February 18, pick a day that works for you. Here are 10 ideas to get those creative juices flowing:

  • Help your kids host a used book drive and donate the books to a literacy ministry in your community.
  • Make and send thank-you cards to principals at local schools. Better yet, have your kids deliver the cards personally. How many of them have ever seen the inside of the principal’s office–in a good way?
  • Find out when the next school board meeting is. Help your kids prepare cookies or other snacks for the meeting. Ask if some of your kids can deliver the goodies and pray for the board members at the beginning of the meeting.
  • Contact local school administrators and ask permission for your kids to help clean classrooms.
  • Contact a local after-school program or a child-care facility and ask for a list of items they might need. Have your kids organize a drive in your church or school to help meet those needs.
  • Prayer walk around neighborhood schools on the weekend.
  • Help older kids prepare and read storybooks to preschoolers or kindergarteners at their school.
  • Collect school supplies for needy children in your area. Have your kids write an encouraging let­ter on the first page of the notebooks.
  • Have your kids make and send encouraging notes to GED students.
  • Ask permission to host a teacher appreciation breakfast or lunch at a local school. You’ll probably need to enlist parent help for this one.

Invite your church leaders, teachers, and parents to be involved by praying for your kids and the people they will serve. And don’t forget to take lots of pictures!

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World Food Day

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October 16 is World Food Day. In our world today, 925 million people are undernourished (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, or FAO). This is 13.6% of the world population! Because their bodies are still developing, children are effected most by hunger. Every five seconds, a boy or girl dies from a hunger-related disease. Hunger has many facets and layers. Here are three.

Starvation: Starvation caused by famine, like the one currently threatening families in the Horn of Africa, is the most extreme form of hunger. Starvation often leads to death, especially in children.

Food insecurity: Not all hunger is caused by famine. For millions, lack of access to sufficient amounts of nutritious food is an ongoing, daily reality. Families eat the bare minimum to stay alive. Children go to bed each night, not knowing where their next meal will come from.

Hidden Hunger: In addition, two billion people exist on a limited diet. Because children eat the same thing every day rather than a variety of foods, they don’t get the vitamins and minerals needed for healthy growth and development. The resulting malnutrition has serious consequences. For example, children with Vitamin A deficiency have severe problems with eyesight and some become blind.

Here’s a map put out by the FAO. It shows that state of undernourishment in countries around the world. Did you know that there’s more than enough food to provide adequate nutrition to everyone on the planet? Here’s a simple simulation you can do with families in your church, school, or homeschooling group. It shows that hunger is more about an imbalance in food distribution than a shortage of food.

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The Orphan’s Table

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Sunday November 6, 2011 is National Orphan Sunday. It is one day to come together with one voice, and with one purpose– stand for the orphaned child. Orphaned children are very special to God our Father, and there are over 60 passages that speak of his love for them. We are a people called to defend the fatherless…to care for the child that has no family…to visit orphans in their distress.

Orphan Sunday is your opportunity to rouse church, community, your small group, and friends to God’s call to care for the orphan.

Would you consider hosting an event? There are many simple things you can do. You can get ideas here; however there is something very simple you can do: share a meal eaten by orphans around the world.  Gather at The Orphan’s Table with family, small group or church for the meal, discussion and prayer.

teaching kids about orphanage life!

Your event, does not have to be on November 6th. You can choose anytime that works for you!

I was invited to share The Orphan’s Table at a local Christian School last week. I used the Red Card orphan lesson and taught about orphanage life. We then shared a meal at the Orphan Table. We ended our time in prayer for orphaned children.

It was a very powerful morning. God greatly used this time help children know more of his heart for orphans.

When you request The Orphan’s Table, we will ship you:

  • An easy-to-cook meal package—the same food provided to feed orphans worldwide.  (Prepare by boiling, instructions included.)
  • An Orphan Sunday Prayer and Discussion Guide to help you make the most of this experience.

The cost is simply a donation of any amount.  $5.00 will cover materials shipping for up to four servings. Please indicate the number of servings needed.

We do hope you will consider joining many around the globe participating in Orphan Sunday!



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Tajikistan: Law Restricts Children’s Ministry

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Tajikistan, a little-known Central Asian country, holds a special place in my heart. Here’s why.  1) I created the Tajik Kids curriculum, part of the Kids Around the World mission series for children. 2) My local church adopted the Tajik people and we have an ongoing relationship with national believers there. 3) I’ve served on two short-term teams to Tajikistan. Both times, I was privileged to equip and encourage children’s workers. As is usually the case, I learned more than I imparted and was challenged by the tenacity and creativity of first-generation Christians on fire for God. They realized that when God transforms the heart of a child, there is hope for societal transformation as well.

During my 2007 visit, national workers expressed concern over increasing restrictions on evangelizing children. Since then, the situation has worsened. This August, the Parental Responsibility Law went into effect. It stipulates that the only religious activities in which children under 18 may participate, apart from funerals, are those at state-approved religious education institutions. An amendment to the Criminal Code was passed that would punish organizers of “extremist religious” teaching.

Both measures seek to prevent recruiting of impressionable children by religious extremists. Whatever the intent, these rulings affect ministry to children on several levels. They affect parents, robbing them of the right to raise their children in the faith they choose. They affect boys and girls, preventing them from attending worship services, Sunday School, and church-led functions like summer camp. They impact children’s workers, forcing them to interpret what “extremist religious” teaching means to the government and discern ramifications for their ministry. While it’s too early to know how new laws will be enforced, it’s not too early to pray. Please join me in lifting up Tajik believers in the following ways:

  • Pray for protection for believers who may be targets in regard to this law in coming days.
  • Pray for boldness and perseverance for parents who seek to disciple their children.
  • Pray for wisdom and creativity for children’s workers as they navigate what the new laws mean for their ministry.
  • Pray that God will continue to grant believers favor with local government leaders as they meet the holistic needs of children in Tajikistan.
  • Pray that many boys and girls in Tajikistan would come to know and follow Jesus.


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