10/40 Window Materials for Kids and Youth

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It’s sometimes difficult to find missions materials for teens that are both engaging and informative. Here’s a new resource that fits the bill: Volume 4 of “The Waiting World” series. This special edition DVD contains six  videos introducing 
the 10/40 Window and four worldviews prevalent among people groups in that region of the world: Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, and animism/tribalism. The sixth video is a music video set to Israel Houghton’s song, “We Speak to 
Nations.” The videos are short, 7-9 minutes each. They can be used to introduce a time of prayer for the nations or to help explain the worldview of a people group to whom church missionaries are ministering. Video content might also serve as a springboard for discussion with teens about elements of these worldviews that they observe in their own culture. To see sample videos or information on how to order this DVD, click here.

You can teach elementary-aged kids the same concepts featured in Volume 4 by using the “10/40 Window Kids” CD/DVD curriculum. If you want to go deeper with kids or are looking for mission-based VBS or summer programming materials, use the “THUMB Teacher’s Resource Kit,” also in CD/DVD format. This 6-lesson curriculum explores major non-Christian worldviews held by tribal, Hindu, unreligious (atheist), Muslim, and Buddhist groups. Each lesson includes a video, crafts, games, and other cultural activities. The kit includes 4 sets of Kids’ Prayer Cards to get your kids praying for children who don’t know Jesus.

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